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Shopfitting Trends in 2021: What's Trending in the Fit out World - part 1

Do you know what will be trending in retail shopfitting in 2021? Well, it's not as easy to predict the future as some may think. But we can take a look at trends from the past few years and get a sense of where things are going. The first thing to note is that brick-and-mortar stores are still thriving, despite all the talk about online shopping taking over. In fact, according to CBRE Group Inc.,Retail is here to stay, with many of these likely being small shops or pop-up stores rather than traditional malls and big-box retailers. That means more work for us shop fitters and designers!

What else do we see happening?

Rattan & Weaved Reed

Raw and natural textures are all the rage in 2021. The shop designs & fit outs of tomorrow will have a rustic, yet modern feel that is sophisticated without being too glossy or plastic-y. Woven reed creates an organic atmosphere while metal frames give off more of an urban vibe for those looking for something different than what's on offer at most stores these days. It allows shopkeepers to showcase their products in a unique way - one not seen often enough nowadays!

This design style features raw materials like woven or braided reeds with wooden beams; it's organic without being too cluttered which makes it not only sustainable but also visually appealing. The items are showcased against these earthy backgrounds so they stand out easily on display shelves - giving them much needed attention!

Half Dowel & Scalloped Solid Timber to Counter Faces & Wall Panelling Elements

Half dowel and scalloped solid timber are perfect for stores that want to make a statement with their product displays. Half-dowels can be used as an overall design element, or they may work well in conjunction with other materials like furniture legs to add more visual interest to the store's layout. This trend is characterised by softness and femininity. Surprisingly these elements also give shopkeepers ample opportunity to present their products while complementing any store design! This new architectural technique utilises half dowels alongside other timber types such as pine planks for different use cases depending on how much decoration your shop fitout project requires.

Dark & Light Finishes

The NOW shopfitting design trend in 2021 is a contrast of light versus dark finishes. Natural materials provide warmth and metal elements create an industrial vibe that can be used to go as far as edgy minimalism. The use of contrasting styles, textures such as rough wood veneer combined with smooth concrete surfaces also appears this year's fit out style for shops and retail stores across the world.

From the first time we've seen this, it has always been a trend to have one colour scheme for everything. The most popular choices are black/grey and white but designers are also experimenting with other colours such as different shades of blue or pink! Dark furniture is becoming increasingly important in well-lit shops because they don't reflect light which makes them appear darker than their surroundings - so you need something that looks really bright like cream, yellows or whites etc.

Solid Timber Tops with Clear Resin Inlays.

Solid timber tops with clear resin inlays have become a popular trend for those looking to make their shops feel more modern. The contrast of natural wood against artificial acrylic/resin creates an interesting high-tech sensation that appeals to many consumers these days and can also be used as the perfect way to add warmth when needed. Have you ever seen this material before? It is made by combining real hardwood with synthetic materials such as plastic or epoxy resins like fibreglass. This provides both durability and style while maintaining a traditional look on top of your counters! This unique combination of natural materials, like timber with a synthetic resin that can be used in sleek and contemporary designs, is an easy way to create a modern shopfitting design.

Whether you're looking for a quick store freshen up or a complete shop fitout, we've got some key insights into what will be the big shop fitting trends in 2021. And if you need help with your current project, our team would love to brainstorm how we incorporate them into your project. Let us know and let's start designing together soon.

For more Shopfitting trends check out part 2 .

shopfitting trends for 2021 Australia by Brisbane Shopfitting Co - G&K Projects

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