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Retail is Changing Rapidly

- Types of tenancies on the move (Part 1)

The retail sector has changed dramatically over the past few decades. Retailers are now operating in a much more competitive market and customers have high expectations of brands to provide an omnichannel experience.

Increasing the need for retailers to adapt their store layouts and designs to suit these changes.

One way that retailers can do this is by looking at the types of retail tenancies on the move.

These include: · Kebab outlets · Noodle bars · Hamburger bars · Vegan restaurants · New as well as the remodelling of existing sushi bars · Custom & boutique food stores – Express & Metro styles . Boutique craft beer & specialised liquor outlets · De-fits are increasing & are a direct but unfortunate by product of the COVID pandemic · Inner city supermarkets are being forced to downsize · Re-orientation of retailing from malls & shopping centres back into CBD's as a response to the COVID pandemic.

Opportunities for retailers to take advantage of this changing environment include:

Shrinking food court footprints in shopping centres means that there is now potentially less competition for specialty fast food operators, who previously may have chosen not to locate into these types of tenancy. This presents an opportunity to open new revenue generating stores with high footfalls & traffic counts

What does this mean for shop fit outs?

Retailers are looking for cost effective shop fit outs that will generate massive interest, this, so as to sell their products more efficiently, this means, lower capex costs which still feature specialised lighting & mid-range product fixtures, large stock holding is a thing of the past, it’s about reading the market trends and capitalising on this

G & K Projects are at the forefront of this exciting new shopfitting design trend.

We are constantly seeking ways to maximise space, reduce labour costs, whist at the same time keeping the all-important “Customer Experience” ideals as the vision & focal point of our design solutions.

Let's look at:

Kebab outlets

As kebabs make up approximately 60% of all shop sales, it is little wonder that operators want their shopfronts to stand out from competitors, this has the advantage of driving higher volumes through a better customer experience.

Noodle bars

Asian cuisine is one of the fastest growing categories in Australia and many operators are choosing to specialise in a particular type of noodle bar, this is driven by their background, where they originate from as well as the related culture to each region. This has altered shopfitting designs to become more specific for this sector, we now see eateries with impressive glazed windows showcasing the cooking of the fresh food with the idea of attracting eager passers-by to pop in for a new type of eating experience, as well as feature lighting from above with pendant lighting for effects but also feature highlight lighting in the shop fit out.

Hamburger bars

A growing category with a fast delivery model, hamburger stores are now popping up in Australia and they need us to develop layouts that maximise their high volume of sales. Many customers will opt for take away meal, this, may be due to a busy lifestyle, so, it is important that these outlets have a clean & tidy look yet have a character that sets them apart from the competitors, it also may include developing a unique brand concept.

Vegan restaurants

A growing movement around veganism has resulted in an increase in the demand for food outlets that are either 100% vegan or have a strong focus on this cuisine. As the menus and food can be quite labour intensive to produce it is important that they maximise revenue wherever possible, their shop fit-out and brand visuals include natural finishes and textures like natural stone, rattan - for more on the latest shopfitting trends click here.

Remodelling sushi bars

Sushi is a popular food trend and many operators have chosen to remodel old shopfronts rather than build new ones, as the cost can be prohibitive for existing businesses. The design brief has been one that needs to meet the shopping centre criteria for end of lease refurbishment yet minimises the actual cost outlay to the owner.

The G&K Projects Team use their vast shop fit out design experience to achieve this. We touched on our experience in the sushi store fit out sector in a recent post

No matter what type of shopfitting project you are looking at, G&K Projects has the expertise to take your project from inception through design & then into construction.

We pride ourselves on our ability to create inspiring spaces that will resonate with your customers and achieve the results for which you have been hoping.

watch out for part 2 of Tenancies on the move and what it means for shopfitters


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