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How Retailers Can Adapt Store Layouts to Suit the Changing Needs of Customers

- Types of tenancies on the move (part 2)

As retail businesses compete in an increasingly competitive market, they need to adapt their store layouts and designs to suit the changing needs of customers.

These days, people want a seamless customer experience that spans online and offline channels. This is why retailers need to provide an omnichannel experience for shoppers by adapting their shopfittings and fit outs.

Lets take a look at other sectors of retail that are managing the growing changes

Pizza shops

The mainstay for many pizza parlours has been takeaway only with minimal seating & limited menus due to their fast 30 minute turnover time, however, in response to customer demand we have seen an increase in stores adding seating areas in a close and eclectic way so that customers can sit & enjoy their order. This has been a trend in the larger chains and allows for easy division of large groups without taking up too much space, while still maintaining high turnover rates. We have also started to see more extensive use of acrylics in pizza shopfronts with designs including full length or mid height panels along one wall, often incorporating large graphics or branding.

Coffee shops and cafes

The coffee shop category is one that has seen the most change in store design trends over recent years, particularly with range of international chains adding their own localised stamp to Australian cities and towns. G&K Projects have been involved in some very interesting project work for these stores where we have seen the move away from the old coffee sacks as feature wall panelling or incorporating them into bench seating backs or even flooring.

The main aim of the new designs of rustic timbers and bricks is to create a warm & inviting atmosphere that will stand out from the competition and works well with cafe branding. Coffee shops are also another category where we have started to see more extensive use of acrylics in shopfront design.

This works well for the larger chains to create a recognisable identity while still having flexibility with signage and graphics, which can be changed easily if desired.

Fast casual restaurants

The fast casual sector is one that we have seen quite an increase in over recent years and it seems to fit somewhere between full service restaurants and fast food outlets. The shopfitters that are working on these spaces need to consider the customer journey through the store, particularly during busy periods where it is essential that they maximise revenue by having a clean & tidy look but at same time easy transactions with minimal queues.

Custom & boutique food stores – Express & Metro styles

Newer smaller footprints for Metro style stores have opened up opportunities for shopfitters to create a more boutique-style store with greater emphasis on the customer experience. The design needs to be quite flexible as this type of outlet can often have irregular opening hours or trade at different times, so it is important that they are able to accommodate these fluctuations easily.

There has also been an increase in custom build stores for specialist food items that have specific requirements in order to maximise their profitability.

For example, the use of cold display cases or other equipment may be needed so this can have an impact on design options or even store layout.


De-fits are increasing & are a direct & unfortunate by product of COVID pandemic. With so many stores across all categories falling victim to the lack of sales and foot traffic there has been an increase in the number of de-fits. G&K Projects works with our clients to make sure that when they are presented with this situation, it is handled correctly and executed professionally leaving them ready for their next venture or opening.

The G&K Projects Team can carry out deconstruction & removal on your behalf, taking care of all the necessary precautions to keep your staff & customers safer.

De-fits are becoming more common as retailers look for new ways to get ahead in this ever-changing market, however it is important that they are handled correctly both for safety reasons and also legal requirements under OH&S regulations. G&K Projects has years of experience handling de-fits of all types, from the removal of walls & fittings to full strip out.

We can work with you on a site-specific plan so everything goes smoothly and safely leaving your store ready for reopening or refurbishment.

Whichever what type of shopfitting project you are looking at, G&K Projects has the expertise to take your project from inception through design & then into construction.

We pride ourselves on our ability to create inspiring spaces that will resonate with your customers and achieve the results for which you have been hoping.


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