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You've appointed G & K Projects as your shop fitter - "what's next?"

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes before works starts on your office or shop fit-out, well let me give you a sneak peek

Firstly our administration staff pull together all the insurance certificates, induction papers & public liability paperwork that’s required by the individual Landlords or shopping centres they then lodge this with the relevant parties, we then send your Design documentation through to our Private certification professionals to gather information relevant to the local council and government building regulations, should they flag any problems we then seek further information and or alterations for your designers making sure it all meets the building codes relevant to your particular build.

In the meantime, our purchasing department finalise each price with our suppliers and place all relevant orders starting with any long-term delivery items all the way to the smallest items included within our agreed scope of works.

The production team appoint a site supervisor to your project who contacts you to arrange a site meeting to go over any items they might have flagged & at the same time they obtain final site dimensions which allows them to start Joinery and other shop drawings required for production. Along the way should we find any products have been discontinued & or we find superior products to use on your project we make contact to discuss any alternatives. Once these are finalised and no further questions or items arise, we confirm final approvals and adjust costs to suit such alterations.

Should plumbing be a part of the office or shop fit-out, our Hydraulics engineers produce design drawings which are sent to the local council for comments and or approval

Once we obtain the Building permit from our Private Certifiers together with a plumbing approval from the local council can we commence works on site, once received we contact the Landlord or shopping centre to confirm a start date

Site works commence, that’s when you see it all come together, as it all falls into place according to the agreed program and completion dates and before you know it, your brand new store or office is ready to launch!

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