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Shopfitting Trends in 2021: What's Trending in the Fit out World - Part 2

The team at G & K Projects - Brisbane's premier shopfitters share the latest design trends in Shopfiiting.

We continue on from our previous post (to view part 1 click here)

The retail industry is constantly evolving and adapting to the latest trends. What's trending in shopfitting in 2021?

Read on for a glimpse into what will be in store for those of us who design and construct stores.

Shopfitters are always looking to stay ahead of the game by playing with new materials, finishes, textures, and spaces that reflect the desires of their customers - you! The future holds some exciting changes to expect from shopfitting this year.

Natural Stone

Many new shopfitting trends are emerging, but one of the most popular is stone. This natural element provides a rustic appearance that complements other organic materials in retail stores and shopping centres. Stone also has an airy feel to it as well as being environmentally sustainable - making this trend perfect for any retailer looking to update their space with minimal environmental impact!

shopfitting trends for 2021 Australia by Brisbane Shopfitting Co - G&K Projects

Shopfitters are paying close attention to this trend because natural stone is a popular choice. The organic feel that it provides is enough for designers and companies alike, but what's more important than the look of your store? Natural stone has been shown in studies as an anti-bacterial surface that causes fewer bacteria and microbes to grow on surfaces! Shopfitting Designers are switching over from laminate or HPL (high-pressure laminates) to new stone tops.

Varied Layered Ceiling Bulkheads with LED Lighting

Innovation has made LED bulkheads with LED lighting a shopfitting trend that's here to stay. These are an excellent way for designers to create the perfect atmosphere in their shop while also saving on energy costs - not only do they use less power but they can be programmed so that the lights don't have to stay on at all hours, giving store owners more control over the shop's hours (and saving them some money). These are an excellent choice for shopfitters as they have many benefits and don't take up much space on the shop floor.

shopfitting trends for 2021 Australia by Brisbane Shopfitting Co - G&K Projects

Hanging Steel Frames with Shelving and Greenery

The hanging steel frames with shelving and greenery create a warm atmosphere for those looking to include plants in their shop fitout design. The design trend is characterised by an earthy natural feel, which provides ample space for extra storage as well as gives the shop its sense of intimacy. There are many reasons why this type of fixture will be popular in 2021: they can match any size or theme; there's no need to do structural work because it hangs from ceilings that don't have weight-bearing structures; and finally, these fixtures provide plenty of opportunity for personalisation due to how customisable the layout options are given such high variation between sizes available on shelves/lattices.

Fine Lines and Thin Steel Details

This design trend is one that many shopfitters are taking on, as it's a trend in shopfitting that will be here for decades to come. It might seem simple at first with the use of fine metal and natural materials, but there is more nuanced than you think when looking at this style closely. The trend of a naturalistic, industrial feel can be seen in many retail spaces. Handcrafted metal lines and detail is often used with wood or metals to achieve this look - but there are more design elements that make these designs work so well for shopfitters. Transparency plays into the idea as you see materials layered on top of each other without seams; it's an element that helps define the style even further while still allowing light through from all angles. There will always remain fresh ideas amongst retailers who want their store space to have both modern appeal and environmental responsibility: handcrafting organic material like steel gives customers another reason to support them because they're not just using recycled goods!

Fine lines and thin steel details can make any room feel like a modern space. These are the two main elements in this style, but when combined with other trends such as transparency or natural materials it really makes for an interesting design choice that will continue to be popular on shop floors everywhere in decades to come.

shopfitting trends for 2021 Australia by Brisbane Shopfitting Co - G&K Projects

Pendant Lighting.

Pendant lighting is a popular design trend in store-based retail stores. Focused pendants provide an interesting effect on products while also providing customers with some natural light to create more of a homey feel depending on their preference. This focused type of lighting draws attention key areas where shopkeepers want to promote and they can do so without cluttering the space too much, which many businesses seem to be striving for these days as well.

Lighting is an important aspect of shopfitting and the design trend in 2021 will be focused pendant lighting that provides a natural feel. Customers can enjoy this light while still having room to move around, as long as there are no obstacles for them to navigate through!

A new focal point with this shopfitting trend is adding lights where they are needed most - such as highlighting certain pieces of merchandise or creating contrast against dark backgrounds like wood furniture. These targeted spots provide just enough illumination without feeling too bright or overwhelming customers' eyesight when browsing through your inventory.

The shopfitting design world is ever-changing and we want to make sure you're on top of the trends. There's nothing more frustrating than spending time and money on a floor plan, only to have it become outdated by the next year! Luckily for us, there are some key things that will be trending in 2021 that can help keep your fit out project fresh even if they don't work with your current budget (although our team would love to help brainstorm how best these could fit within!)

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