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Ever wondered about the tender process for a shopfitting project?

Tendering process in short

We at G & K Projects tender on shop fitting and office fitouts projects daily & find the same questions arising so I thought it would assist you and our clients and give some pointers to assist in making the task a seamless and stress-free process.

· Decide on a tenancy or space which would work for you & suit your application

· Have a lease in place or at least in the process of being finalised with a Landlord

· A basic layout in mind is always a good starting point

· Itemise and list a budget to work towards, this should include equipment, loose items, furniture & as many items you can think of to ensure your covered financially

· Agree with us your overall build requirements such as what you want us to undertake, like ceilings, partitioning, electrical, plumbing, signage, flooring and so on.

Analysing your tenders

This is an important one as so many people go wrong in this area, a couple of pointers

· Make sure your “Scope of Works” is the same for each tenderer

· Ensure the shop-fitters have included and priced the same works

· List any items that differ and question them with the shop fitter

· List any exclusions on the shop fit out tenders

· Make sure you pick up any PC sums & or allowances, as these are not fixed amounts and could be adjusted by the supplier later & could dramatically influence the overall cost

· Have an opinion of the quality of service, professional intent and advice given by the shop-fitter

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