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G & K Projects “Post Pandemic Rush” ideas

We are all looking forward to the prospect of returning to “Normal”, it might take a while but it could be just around the corner & it’s important to be ready and waiting for this day, I have listed some items which will assist you in “GETTING READY”

Shopfitting areas which you could be looking at improving & or attending to G & K Projects can help you undertake minor & or small improvement such as

  • · A simple coat of paint brightens up and refreshes any space - whether a store or an office

  • · Floor tile and grout cleaning.

  • · Move the store around – this generates interest & “WOW” factor (minimal cost but big impact! - imagine the reaction of your customers as they start to shop again)

  • · Introduce new free-standing shopfitting elements - new racks, POS pieces. The G&K team can help source all of these for you

You might want to go further and appoint G & K Projects to undertake larger shopfitting projects like:

  • · Introduce stone or stainless-steel tops

  • · New signage

  • · Alter kitchen equipment

  • - Your front counter display, maybe change the finish, the layout, the customer experience is going to be paramount when we all return to 'normal' - customers are going to WANT TO SPEND money!

All the above items create interest which will bring back your existing clients and entice NEW customers in droves. The G & K Team are brimming with office and shop fitout ideas, give the team a call and maximise this 'down time' so that you can really that peak Christmas Sale time, which will be here before we know it.

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