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Plans, drawings, renders - what's the difference?

So, your dream is to open your own café, but where do you start? everywhere you turn, its decision after decision and can be overwhelming. Our aim at G & K Projects is to streamline the process as much as we can for you.

This week we’ll look at THE PLANS

Of course everyone wants to know your vision - the landlord, the bank, and of course the shop fitter! Here’s a sneak peek at how a fabulous new café here in Brisbane is coming to life. From our meeting with the client, we start with simple hand sketches to ensure the base layout, then on to complete architectural drawings, these will include mechanical drawings for the electricians and plumbers, along with equipment placements and finish specifications. For this particular project the plans are a total of 37 pages – we aim to be that thorough, leaving as little as possible to chance. Then to full colour renders where together with the client we can take in the visuals of textures, colours, space, traffic flow, even light patterns and understand how everything will come together.

Giving our clients the opportunity to make changes now if something doesn’t feel right, certainly a huge saving of time and expense to adjust at this stage rather than in the middle of the build. We are really looking forward to bringing this new venture to life – stay tuned.

to find out more about how the team can help bring your cafe dream to life - talk to Graham on 0414892825

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