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Choosing the right Project Manager or Shopfitter - “One on One is DEAD” let us bring it back!!

Choosing your shopfitter....Some choose a friend, others might choose a friend of a friend on even a family member but there’s much more to it than that, it’s about engaging the right person or company to undertake this important task, especially when it’s costing you a Pretty Penny to complete

I am finding it more and more apparent that people and companies are just sending their tenders & or Design drawings out via different types of media to numerous contacts & with a couple of phone calls expect it all to fall into place. In our opinion, it is definitely more about personal contact and building a rapport with your project manager or shopfitter. It’s very important to do your homework and investigate the person or company before arranging meetings with a contact person within the organisation to discuss the project directly, this way you can decide on a couple of key factors such as

· Is the person someone you can comfortably deal with & have confidence in?

· Do they show professional skills and understand what is required of them?

· Are they forthcoming with new ideas and other important information relevant to the project?

· Do they come offer alternatives to give you the best possible outcome on the project?

· Are the proactive?

· Are they approachable?

Other factors such as integrity, honesty, accountability, track record, testimonials and references are also a good starting point

These are just a few questions you should be asking yourself before appointing them to undertake your shop fit out project.

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